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Eight things every fitness loving visitor to Vancouver has to know about

 If you are not familiar with Vancouver yet, though, you might need some help getting around the city. In this article, we are going to learn more about Vancouver, specifically about what the city has to offer for every fitness loving visitor.

Visiting Vancouver opens up a lot of possibilities for anyone in Canada, especially for people who love fitness. The whole city is there to make sure everyone in the area can live a healthy lifestyle the easiest way possible. So don't be surprised when you encounter so many possibilities to make you healthy while visiting.

If you are not familiar with Vancouver yet, though, you might need some help getting around the city. In this article, we are going to learn more about Vancouver, specifically about what the city has to offer for every fitness loving visitor.

1. Walking the city
Vancouver is without a doubt one of the best cities for pedestrians. If you love waking up in the morning and take walks, you will fall in love with Vancouver. Exploring the city on foot is so satisfying and will make you feel much healthier once you get to your destination. 

Vancouver is such a walkable city; you'll find yourself walking for minutes or even hours before realizing it. And by walking, you'll be able to find many attractions, shopping places, restaurants, and diverse neighborhoods.

It’s not uncommon for visitors and Canadians to end up going outside most of the time instead of spending their time in their hotels. Most visitors don’t even use a car to go around, they just walk everywhere, since they can get to their destinations just fine that way.

2. Great sightseeing experience
Related to the point above, by being active in Vancouver you'll get to experience some sightseeing even in the middle of the city! If you're staying downtown, you'll only have to walk for 20 minutes to find yourself in the middle of the ancient rainforest in Stanley Park.

If you love cycling, the city’s seawall is a great attraction for you. And the perfect place to spend the whole day cycling or strolling. For hiking-loving visitors, try Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Regional Park near the University of British Columbia’s campus, and Deep Cove’s trails that is overlooking the fjord. 

3. Many healthy dining options
Do you know that you can eat a lot of healthy foods easily in Vancouver? From gluten-free to vegan diets, everyone is well accommodated here in Vancouver. There are so many restaurants that offer various diets that can make anyone satisfied. 

These whole healthy dining options have become so much more popular nowadays in Vancouver. You can even get a purely plant-based menu in the city, and there are also many seasonal, local dishes that connect you directly to local farmers, fishermen, and growers.

4. Access to CBD products
For visitors who love to take CBD, just know that you can easily get CBD products for your needs. As you may already know, CBD or cannabidiol is very popular in Canada. Many Canadians are taking CBD regularly for various purposes – some recreational, some medicinal. In fact, the whole CBD industry is so big that it’s projected to reach $3.09 billion in 2025.

Many fitness loving visitors can easily buy CBD oil at retail stores in Vancouver. You’ll also find many visitors and locals are taking CBD to help them relax and recover after exercise. If you are curious about it, feel free to visit any CBD retail store in the city and experience the industry yourself.

5. Spa
In Vancouver there is an abundance of spas, so to speak. There is simply no shortage of spas in Vancouver where you can be slathered, indulged, pampered, and massaged. These spas can range from clinics that specialize in treating muscle pain and sore muscles to luxurious spas where you can hang out all day. Different spas employ different techniques and services. Choose one based on what you need from fun to relax.

6. Yoga
You bet people in Vancouver love yoga. In fact, the whole city is the perfect place to do some yoga – indoors or outdoors. Many people also believe that Vancouverites were early adopters of yoga, so you will find many of them are really passionate about it.

If you want to do yoga outdoors, you'll find many green spaces while you are in the city. For indoor yoga, there are many classes that you can join. It's said that there are about 1,500 yoga classes in Vancouver.

7. Participate in various events
Vancouver is also famous for its many marathons, cycling, or triathlons that will push your limits. The events are open to visitors as well, so you can easily join them. These events are well scheduled, so you can plan your trip and prepare yourself ahead of the events. Some famous events that you may want to try are Vancouver Sun Run, BMO Vancouver Marathon, Scotiabank Half Marathon, Lululemon’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon, and more.

8. Gyms
Last but not least are gyms. Yes, you can find many gyms that are open all year long in Vancouver. Add that you can walk everywhere you go, you'll be able to find multiple gyms within a walking distance. Some of these gyms are very high class, meaning the gyms are clean, have all the pieces of equipment you need, and overall have a friendly environment.

Vancouver is such a great city for all fitness loving visitors. Don't forget to explore the city by walking or cycling and see everything that the city has to offer. From the spa to CBD, I don't think there is any room to complain in the city.

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