Tuesday, March 8, 2022

2022 travel survey by VacationRenter: Here's what to know

VacationRenter, the fast-growing rental search platform, surveyed thousands of users from around the world to reveal 2022 travel trends. Insights include:

  • Lengthy Stays Aren’t Going Away: 32% of travelers say they plan to stay in a short-term rental for more than three weeks
  • Vacation Frequency Varies: 34.8% of respondents indicated that they would be taking one to two trips while 34.2% said they would embark on three to four trips throughout the year
  • Travelers Hesitate to Book Accommodations Too Far Ahead: 40.6% of respondents said they would book within seven days or less of departure. 26% will book within 30 days, 13.4% within 60 to 90 days and 19.9% will book more than three months in advance
  • International Travel is Split: 52% plan to travel abroad, while 47.7% say they will not leave their home country
  • Conservative Budgets & Big Spenders Dominate: Respondents anticipate spending an average of $2,197 on each vacation. 30.6% said they anticipate spending $250-$500 per trip with another 34% spending $2,501 and above

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