Thursday, March 31, 2022

A O Show in Ho Chi Minh City


A O Show is an art program with the wonderful combination between folk and modern characteristics. It combines numerous theatrical artforms each other with the large number of artistic measures superb, diverse and witty attracting tourists.

As a kind of unique art performance globally known as "new circus", A O Show has demolished all imagine of the art performing programs which have been taking place in Vietnam theatre. Audiences will have the opportunity to spread their imagination through visual arrangements and beautiful light of each performance as well as layers of spotlights. Furthermore, they also have a chance to take a stroll through the countryside of the South Vietnam in particular and whole Vietnam in general from the calm sand dunes in the South Central to gentle lotus lagoons in Mekong River Delta waterways. Audiences can be easily to catch the gentleness of the lullabies or the sweetness of the music from "don ca tai tu" (unique kind of traditional music in the South Vietnam). Along with other appealing entertainments in Ho Chi Minh, A O Show has been promisingly one of the new alluring tourist addresses in Ho Chi Minh City travel.


A O Show Saigon


As a Vietnam art, A O Show will gently take audiences through the successive emotion levels in the performance lasting in 60 minutes. The mainstream images appearing in the Show are bamboos or baskets... which are something rustic commonly used in the daily life of Vietnamese people. South East Asia is no shortage of bamboos, so is Asia. Bamboos are used and taken into the daily life as tools, yet going to A O Show; viewers will be able to visualize how ingenious the Vietnamese use the bamboos. On A O Show, thanks to versatile and gifted performing techniques together with the staging art and ingenious arrangement, artist and simple baskets give the audiences a feeling of closeness peace. The show is one of the attractive highlights in Ho Chi Minh City tours alluring tourists at home and abroad.


A O Show Saigon


Thanks to traditional Vietnamese materials such as Southern folk music, the props modernly designed through light installation, unique performances, the staging of a story in the harmonious, subtle and emotional way, A O Show attracts not only domestic tourists but also has strong attraction for foreigner when participating in Saigon travel. In addition, the orchestra directly played, which are made from 17 typical traditional instruments, especially lute with six strings and Vietnamese violin promisingly give interesting moments for audiences. The orchestra not only creates Vietnamese space for the entire performance but also contributes to form performing acts thanks to the excellent ability of instruments. Discovering A O Show Saigon is definitely one of the unique things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.


A O Show Saigon


The performances full of artistic characteristics and skills of 18 performers surely have brought moments uplifting feelings to the audiences. Coming from many different regions through Vietnam country with their own story and totally different backgrounds, these artists have painstakingly practiced for a long time to constantly keep innovative, complete their skills and help the programs become much more remarkable. As very young artists, they do not lack passion but always dare to think and dedicate to the role. They are always full of energy and experiences to undertake the difficult repertoires and even venture to offer a flawless play with the technical skills for audiences of A O Show. The journey of experiencing Ho Chi Minh City tour thus is much more impressive and memorable.


A O Show Saigon


A O Show not only stops at the level of entertainment for an hour of the day, promotes the image of Vietnam to international tourists, merely a show for tourists contemplating when participating in Saigon travel but also retains tremendous educational values for Vietnamese people on the beauty of Vietnam culture and folklore. It is one of the effectively contemporary ways most easily approaching the soul and mind in modern society. This is actually a show in order that Vietnamese people can be proud of their nation and the foreigners find a wonderful reason to choose Saigon as an appealing tourist sight as well. A O Show displays its important contribution in promoting Ho Chi Minh City tourism to domestic and international tourists.

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