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Conical hat village Hue


Conical hat village Hue is home to preserve the unique cultural beauty of Hue. Here, tourists have a chance to witness the meticulous stages and the craftsmanship of the artisans to create the conical hat filled with aesthetic and cultural features.

Conical hat village Hue is one of the most popular brands when referring the traditional villages in Hue. Over hundreds of years establishing and developing, conical hat (Vietnamese: non la) not only is the item sticking closely to the daily life of citizens in Hue but also becomes a cultural specialty associated with the image of Hue young girls. Along with the unique "ao dai" (long dress), the poem hat has become one of the symbols of human and Hue travel as well. Retaining its distinctive cultural characteristics, conical hat village Hue will certainly be one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Hue alluring the large number of both domestic and international tourists.


Hue poem hat


Along with many other Hue traditional villages, the traditional conical hat has formed and developed for hundreds of years with numerous well-known hat villages, namely Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc So, Trieu Tay, Kim Long or Sia...  These days, although the conical hat has not been thriving as ever, there are still traditional villages and talented artisans attaching to the traditional craft. The conical hat village in Hue yearly provides millions of hats for the market, which not only meets the needs of consuming of the locals but also is the unique souvenir for tourists when participating in Hue tours. Hue conical hat, especially the poem hat is regarded as a real work of art strongly impressing tourists. To put conical hat on the market, artisans in Hue conical hat villages have to carry out many extremely meticulous stages. Almost all of process requires diligence and adroitness of craftsmen' hands. Discovering the traditional village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Hue.


Conical hat village Hue


Tourists going to conical hat village Hue will have an opportunity to witness stages to make a conical hat. Despite being only a traditional village, the division of labor in the hat villages is credibly specific. Each person in charge of any stages works professionally. Making a frame is the first step determining the shape and size of the conical hats. Frames are made of slight wood with curved roofs retaining various sizes. Typically, a frame can use decades if there is no change in designing according to the demand of the market. The rims of conical hats are usually made from trunks of Bambusa balcooa, a kind of bamboo popular in Hue. They are cleaved and whittled elegant round-shape.  Each of hat consists of 15-16 beautiful petite coronaries.


Conical hat - popular in Hue


In addition, the leaves making the hats in Hue are processed through many stages. They have to be carefully steamed, dried to reach the best standards. Then the artisans have to ingeniously arrange sheets of leaves, place motifs and symbols between two layers of leaves to create the harmonious balance in the space of the hat. The symbols usually appearing in the poem conical hats are Truong Tien Bridge, Ngu Binh Mountain, Ngo Mon Gate, Phu Van Lau Palace or Thanh Toan Tile covered Bridge... Together with symbols is some famous sentences of poems on Hue highlighting among the white green background of green conical hat leaves. Conical hats are swept a layer of varnish to increase its gloss, durability and waterproof before putting on the market. It is the unique characteristic has turned conical hat villages into one of most impressive Hue attractions alluring tourists.


Hue students in Non La and Ao Dai


The products of conical hat villages in Hue are sold in almost all of markets in the city from major markets such as Dong Ba Market, An Cuu Market or Ben Ngu Market... to smaller markets, namely Sia Market or Pho Trach Market. Especially, Da Le Market specializing in selling hats has been maintained for hundreds of years, which is the big clue introducing Hue conical hats throughout the country and over the world. Today, tourism is booming in Hue, the conical hats is thus becoming souvenir items retaining distinctive cultural characteristics of Hue attracting the attention of tourists. Many tourists both at home and abroad have gone to the village to be witnessed and participating in the stages of making the conical hats. The journey of exploring Hue tour will be definitely much more memorable when tourists set foot on the unique conical hat village. Therefore, Hue conical hats is also the channel promoting the image of Hue widely and most effective among products of traditional villages in Hue today. Hue conical hat is home to store the depth of Hue culture through iconic images of Hue and the poems going along with Hue.


Tourists travel around with Non La


Although the image of Hue poem hats no longer appears much after school hours on the streets of Hue city, it has become a cultural feature, an indispensable charm in the cultural life of Hue, especially for Hue women. This is one of the fascinating cultural characteristics of Hue nowhere else can be found. Thanks to its unique values, conical hat village Hue displays its significant contributions in promoting the image of Hue tourism closer to tourists both at home and abroad.

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