Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Discovery Long Phuoc Tunnel

 Long Phuoc tunnel is the mark of the glorious revolutionary tradition and the pride of the future generations. It is also a place to show the ingenious and creative way of people’s war.

Long Phuoc tunnel is located at Long Phuoc commune, Ba Ria town (Ba Ria – Vung Tau). Because of a military political and economic important strategic position, Long Phuoc was always a fiercely disputed area between Vietnam and enemies during the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and US imperialists. Throughout the years of fierce wars, an unique and famous tunnel system was created here under the leadership of our communist Party.

Starting the movement of secretly tunnel digging at Mr. Nam Hoi’s house Hoi in 1948,  Long Phuoc people have grown into the tunnel system in all five hamlets in the commune: East hamlet , West hamlet, South hamlet, North hamlet and Phuoc Huu hamlet . These tunnel clusters are interconnected  by spine route, with secret tunnel containing reserved food with the fighting fortifications . Spine tunnel is 2-3m away from the ground, tunnel lap is 1,5-1,6 meter high and  0,60-0,70 meter wide, ensuring easy to move. The tunnels in East hamlet  is over 360 metre long, having many fighting fortifications , first aid stations, weapon and food depots. 

In April 1963, The tunnel  have been restored and developed into a solid, uninterrupted condition. The tunnel was dug 6 meters deep more, spine route was extended  0,70-0,80 meter more, 1.6-1.8meter high with many doors, vents and fighting emplacements.

Through the 27- year development of the Resistance war against French colonialists and the anti-American Resistance war (1948-1975), Long Phuoc tunnels were always an important place where revolutionary forces clung valiantly against enemies. The typical example is the battle from March 5 to April 11, 1963 against the enemy sweeping in Long Phuoc, guerrillas and local solider have caused much damage to enemies, eliminated 243 enemies and destroyed 12 lorries M113. Under enemies’ fierce repeated attacks, Long Phuoc tunnel still stood firm in the face of difficulties, was considered as a worthy land – an important foundation to nurture the revolutionary movement of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province

Therefore, on the date of 1/9/1990, Ministry of Culture – Information recognized Long Phuoc tunnel was a national level historical monument. Since then, Ba Ria – Vung Tau General Museum has restored and embellished twice Long Phuoc tunnel relic to serve visitors and educate traditions for young generations. Especially, Ba Ria town has recently invested billions to build Long Phuoc martyr Temple which is next to the relic, as a public attribution for people who sacrificed for the homeland.

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