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Have yourself a “ceramic tango” in Thanh Ha Village, Quang Nam Province

 By any chance that someone loves Hoi An with all their hearts and souls, simply because of its old but gold ancient villages. Then, Thanh Ha Ceramic Village is a special highlight in the heritage journey along the Central Region. About 3 km from centre of Hoi An Ancient Town, in this 500-year-old village, skillful hands of artisans have entwined earth, water and fire to create a special “tango” that makes up the quintessence of the typical craft of Quang Nam Province.

Located right on the banks of Thu Bon River, here on Thanh Ha Ward, ancient village left the deep mark with typical red-brown colours, several traditional up-side-down ceramic kilns  and the sound of Tu Huyt - a handcrafted ceramic figurine (also known as To He), a toy with squeaky sound that children play and blow on the street. At the beginning of the year, the villagers hold a Spring Ceremony at Nam Dieu Temple on day 10th of the Lunar New Year to remember the ancestors and pray for a peaceful new year with rituals and many interesting folk games.

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The first stop when arriving at the village is the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park, a miniature ceramic museum located at the entrance of the village. On an area of almost 6,000 square metres, was well invested, feats design and architecture are divided into 9 separate spaces. This Park not only preserves the 500-year period of establishment and development of Thanh Ha ceramic village, but also connects cultures between regions, converging the quintessence in the process of formation and development of Sa Huynh culture.

Overview of Thanh Ha Terracotta Park (Source: traveldanang)

Besides preserving artefacts and documents of cultural heritage, there is a space for visitors to experience a day of being an artisan, making pottery with the locals or witness the process of creating beautiful ceramic products from talented and skillful artisans. Additionally, visitors would also pay a visit to an equally interesting and unique area to display famous architectural works of Vietnam and the world created by terracotta, affirming the vitality of Thanh Ha ceramic in particular and the quintessence of Vietnamese ceramic in contemporary life in general.

Visitors experiencing a day of being an artisan, making pottery (Source:

Welcoming visitors while stepping out of the museum is the daily life in Thanh Ha, with the road to the village decorated all four seasons with products ranging from bricks, pots, vases, jars to small and pretty souvenirs such as To He, animals, lamps, etc. Raw ceramic colours are neatly arranged on both sides of the road to dry. In ceramic families, people still maintain their family workshop, where hard work can not make them lose the passion. It is a process from grinding the soil, filtering the soil, kneading it, shaping on the turnable, drying the pottery, burning firewood to painting the finished products. From here, the talented hands of the craftsman are brought into play, bringing lives to clays to create an unique reputation of Thanh Ha Ceramic Village.


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