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Love Waterfall Sapa


Not only attracting tourists with the beauty of the misty mountains, the rice terraces endlessly stretching, Sapa is also known for romantic waterfall - Love Waterfall Sapa. Tourists once setting foot on here will actually get unforgettable experiences.

Far about 14km from Sapa town to the southwest, Love Waterfall is situated in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. It is one of the indispensable tourist sites in the journey of discovering Sapa travel. Love Waterfall Sapa is also the starting point of climbing travel itinerary conquering Fansipan peak. Before setting foot on here, tourists will have a chance to discover the beauty of the primitive forests surrounded by taciturn mossy old canopy of bamboo. The lush immense bamboo forest is flickered with red, yellow and white of azalea flowers. The spectacular scenery like the ink-wash painting has bought Love Waterfall to become one of appealing tourist attractions in Sapa alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists.


Love Waterfall in Sapa


The winding red-soiled path leads tourists to Love Waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Sapa. Seen from afar, the falls looks like the conical hat sparkling in the sunshine. With a height of nearly 100 meters derived from Fansipan peak, Love Waterfall retaining the cold air of the mountains torrentially falls down Golden Stream as the great epic of the immense forests. The winding Golden Stream at the foot of waterfall along with lush greenery at the both sides and stretching thickets of bamboo... creates the poetic picture.  If visiting the falls on the misty days, tourists will feel like getting lost in Penglai thanks to dim surrounding landscapes. Discovering Love Waterfall is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Sapa.


Love Waterfall in Sapa


Going to Love Waterfall Sapa, tourists will have a chance to hear the anecdote about romantic love between human people and fairy. The story began when the fairies formerly frequently go down the waterfall to swim. One day, the 7th fairy detected a woodcutter named O Quy Ho, the eldest son of God Mountain reigning Ai Lao Mountain was cooking and playing his flute by the stream. Once, due to passionately listening to the flute, she forgot the way to her home. In the context of flickering firelight, the son of God Mountain played the flute for her hearing. Everything would be fine until one day her story was detected and her parents did not allow her going to the waterfall with her sisters. Missing the woodcutter, she daily went to heaven gate looking down the waterfall and awaiting the familiar flute. Because of anxiously waiting in vain and sadness, she turned into the yellow birds flying around O Qui Ho Mountain peak. It is the singing of the bird that the locals named the mountain O Quy Ho Mountain. It is also the reason why the waterfall where fairies landing on was named Love Waterfall for commemorate the love of the couple. The touching story contributes to turn Love Waterfall into an indispensable tourist site in the journey of discovering Sapa tour alluring tourists at home and abroad.


Love Waterfall in Sapa


Love Waterfall is now situated in Hoang Lien National Park and also a new address included in each tour to Sapa. Beside the familiar scenic spots such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall..., tourists participating in Sapa tours can choose Love Waterfall as a new wind for their trips. In the vastness of space and scenery here, Love Waterfall is actually the great tourist attractions. Going to the waterfall, tourists feel like to find the source of a romantic love story. Once setting foot on Love Waterfall Sapa, tourists will actually get unforgettable experiences. These findings will certainly leave the special impressions to tourists in mind nowhere else can be found. Love Waterfall is worth one of the most impressive tourist Sapa attractions attracting tourists.

Love Waterfall Sapa is gradually becoming an attractive tourist spot, the familiar name alluring lovers of traveling. Going to Love Waterfall, tourists will not only admire the charming unspoiled natural landscapes but also immerse themselves in the cool water flowing, leaning their head on a mossy rock for getting rid of all worries and tiredness of the long journey and the urban life as well. Love Waterfall thus gradually shows its significant role in bringing Sapa tourism closer to both domestic and international tourists.

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