Monday, March 7, 2022

Marvel at the beauty of Tra Su cajuput forest

 Coming to Tra Su cajuput forest, tourists will have a chance to enjoy precious moments living in harmony with nature as well as the wholesome atmosphere.

To get to Tra Su forest, first go to Chau Doc Town in An Giang Province and take a motorbike taxi or grab a taxi and travel 17 kilometers to Tinh Bien District’s Nha Ban Town. It located in  an inland area near the Cambodian border.

It includes a 845ha special-purpose forest surrounded by a 645ha buffer zone. The forest has 106 colonies of water birds, bats and various rare and endangered animals and reptiles and a few of them have been listed in the Red Book, and over 140 flora species. Standing on a 10m high watch tower in the midst of the forest, tourists in Vietnam travel can enjoy a panorama of the vast greenery spotted with the white of storks below. Turtles, snakes, as well as other reptiles and freshwater fishes are also abundant in the canals. The colour of the waterways changed from one place to another, sometimes turquoise and at other times silver, purple or amber, due to the numerous species of water creatures. 

Rowing along the green mysterious canals is a particularly good ideal. Tourists in Vietnam travel can view the lovely landscape as the scenery drifts along both river banks, enjoy the fresh air as well as listen to the magical music as performed by the birds of the forest and other jungle insects and animals. The tourists will also see the wonderful countryside and farmers busily attending to their paddies, orchards and so on, but still happy to stop for a chat with guests. 

During the high water season, the forest's canals and streams are dense with clusters of water ferns, a particularly vivid sight when the setting sun imparts a golden glow on the emerald-green duckweed that blankets the water's surface.  Tourists in Vietnam travel can smell the perfume of lotus flowers and water lilies... 

Beside the significance of preservation and economic value, Tra Su also boasts many unique cultural features as it is the home of the Kh'mer and Kinh people who practice several traditional handicrafts, such as brocade weaving, silk weaving, cooking Thot not (Borassus flabellifer) sugar, distilling cajuput essential oil, raising bees for honey, etc. 

Making tours in Vietnam and  witness a serene but lively scene in Tra Su cajuput forest,tourists in Vietnam trave will have an unforgettable trip.


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