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Monkey Island Cat Ba

 Thanks to the beautiful unspoiled natural scenery along with wonderful beaches, Monkey Island Cat Ba has become a highlight of Cat Ba travel. It is also the first stop of the tourist route on Lan Ha Bay alluring both domestic and international tourists.

Far about 1 km from Cat Ba town as the crow flies, Monkey Island is one of the appealing tourist addresses tourists should not miss in Cat Ba Island. It takes about 10 minutes for tourists to set foot on the island by boat from Beo wharf through Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands. Almost all of cruises and tourist ships have stopped here in order that tourists have an opportunity to admire the masterpieces that nature has bestowed Cat Ba. Thanks to its inherent advantages, Monkey Island Cat Ba has long become one of the appealing tourist attractions in Cat Ba alluring both domestic and international tourists. Monkey Island is worth the highlight of Cat Ba travel in particular and one of the most bewitching tourist attractions in Haiphong in general attracting numerous tourists.


Monkey Island in Cat Ba


The island was formerly known as Cat Dua Island because there are the great number of luxuriant high pandanus shading around. The fruits of pandanus here looks fairly good, yet they are not edible. The fishermen here usually pick them up for drenching or drying as medicines. Cat Dua Island is also an ideal rendezvous for swimming with blue water and white sandy shores formed from coral debris. Cat Dua Island today is call Monkey Island by the locals here thanks to the presence of several dozen of monkeys. Almost all of monkeys in Cat Dua are brought here for living by the rangers. They are thus quite bold with the locals and tourists. They even seize food right from tourists' hands and might bite if provoked. However, it is the untouched uniqueness that makes the island become famous alluring the large number of tourists in Cat Ba tours. Discovering Monkey Island is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Cat Ba.


Monkey Island in Cat Ba


Monkey Island retains the perimeter of about 3 km. It owns mountain shape with the sandbank formed over millions of years. The wave and wind have brought the sand, rocks, coral and all shells of sea creatures such as seashells, shrimps, and crabs... to the foot of the mountain creating the sand stretching for miles. Monkey Island Cat Ba is home to 2 arc-shaped beaches, namely Cat Dua 1 Beach and Cat Dua 2 Beach. This is an ideal venue for swimming for tourists when participating in Cat Ba tour thanks to its extremely blue and fresh water. In particular, the bungalows here are the ideal choice for tourists to comfortably admire the sea breeze and enjoy sea flavor. Monkey Island also offers services for tourists' demands such as bathing suit renting, buoys or kayaks... Monkey Island deserves one of captivating tourist Cat Ba attractions for tourists who love to discover charming scenery.


Monkey Island in Cat Ba


Cat Dua 2 Beach is situated behind the tiger-shaped ledge on the right. The beach retains a several hundred square meter large garden with the large number of unique plants and different types of birds. Going to Monkey Island, the majority of tourists who are interested in exploring strange feelings can climb halfway up the mountain, even up to the mountain top for admiring the stunning panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of multi-sized islands growing up on blue water along with white sandy shores from afar. Furthermore, the beaches here are pretty pristine, tourists thus usually come here to relax, go sightseeing and swimming. Together with other islands in Cat Ba, Monkey Island yearly welcomes a large number of domestic and international tourists to visit and relax.


Monkey Island in Cat Ba


The scenery surrounding the island is credibly unique, which is suitable for developing eco-tourism. Monkeys on the island also play an important role to make the success of Cat Dua Island. Here, tourists have a chance to comfortably take photos or frisk with monkeys on boughs. Monkey Island has indeed become the highlight of Cat Ba travel thanks to what the Creator favorably bestows. The bungalows on the island along with tourist services will certainly offer tourists the perfect holidays with unforgettable moments. Monkey Island thus displays its significant contribution in promoting Cat Ba tourism in particular and Haiphong tourism in general closer to domestic and international tourists.

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