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Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area

 Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area is considered one of the largest and most dynamic tourist areas in Can Tho. It is the convergence of lyrical natural scenery characterizing water region and unique tourism services alluring the great number of tourists.

Setting foot on Can Tho city, beside the beauty of Mekong Delta region with interesting tourist stops such as Ninh Kieu Pier, Phong Dien Floating Market, Cai Rang Floating Market..., tourists also once go to attractive tourist sites, namely Bang Lang Stork Garden, My Khanh Tourist Village or Thuy Tien Ecopark.... In particular, Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area with the typical features of water region and fresh green of mangrove apple reefs... has long been one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Can Tho surely alluring tourists.


Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area in Can Tho


From Ninh Kieu Pier overlooking Hau River, the image attracting the attention of almost all of tourists is the tranquil fishing village with fishing boats on the choppy waves. Far about 1km from Can Tho city center under skyway and 1 km from Ninh Kieu Pier on the waterways, Au Islet appears as the green ribbon of land full of greenery belonging to Hung Phu ward, Cai Rang district. Au Islet is the permanent address of Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area. It deserves to be one of the fascinating tourist Can Tho attractions with the distinctive characteristics of water region together with fresh air and water flowing full of sediment...

It will take approximately 10 minutes from Ninh Kieu Pier to Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area on cruise ships. Tourists arriving here can paddle, surf canoes around visiting Au Islet, or take a stroll around 2km along the tourist area for leisurely going sightseeing and immersing in the nature... Beside immense mangrove apple reefs characterizing the nature in Mekong River Delta, Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area is also beautified by lush green palm groves, streams, lotus lakes, lagoons, park area, hills contemplating landscapes, pavilions and small boats randomly placed. It is unique highlights that really make a strong impression for tourists. Discovering the impressive tourist area is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Can Tho.


Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area in Can Tho


Not only being the tranquil and fresh space far differing from the hustle and bustle of the urban life, Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area is also home numerous attractive forms of entertainment which is suitable with all kind of hobbies and ages. Tourists who would like to seek thrills can participate in games on waters such as motor boat - jet ski), windsurfing, canoeing with parachute or try the thrilling feelings with crocodile fishing. The youth who love to hold team activities will be satisfactory with the courtyard area for camping or activities related to rural life as slapping the water with a bucket, fishing or bathing right at the river... The "chatter" tourists will be surely satisfied with the children's playground area, which is home to numerous popular funny games such as bag jumping, blind man’s buff, grass sliding, spinning tops... Tourists can also comfortably buy souvenirs or enjoy "don ca tai tu" (a kind of traditional folk songs in South Vietnam) on request... Along with other ecological tourist areas in Can Tho, the journey of exploring Can Tho travel will be definitely much memorable.

To meet the diverse needs of tourists, Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area also offers the system of modern hostels clothed in the casual appearance among the nature creating the peaceful feelings of the quiet countryside. Besides, the system of cafes and restaurants introduces tourists countryside dishes characterizing Southern culinary such as grilled snakehead, grilled beef with bamboo pipes, mangrove apple hot pot, chicken salad or sesbania sesban salad... In particular, Vietnamese crepe Phu Sa made by artisans Muoi Xiem with more than 20 kinds of vegetables served surely satisfies tourists. Thanks to its excellent services, the tourist area is always indispensable address in Can Tho tours attracting the large number of both domestic and international tourists.


Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area in Can Tho


Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area is considered as one of the largest and most dynamic ecological tourist area in Mekong Delta travel. It has quickly got good reviews along with the support of the majority of tourists of all ages since it officially put into operation. Phu Sa Ecological Tourist Area is currently increasingly cared, preserved to promote its own identity and meet the expectation and increasingly demands of tourists... The tourist area thus significantly contributes to promote the image of Can Tho tourism closer to tourists at home and abroad.

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