Monday, March 7, 2022

Tay An pagoda, a mixture of Vietnamese and Asian architectural styles

 Tay An is an ancient pagoda with a mixture of Vietnamese and Asian architectural styles. Lying on one side of the Sam Mountain, under the lights, the pagoda itself looks like a monk dressed in yellow, heading to Chau Doc Town, An Giang Province.

If tourists in Vietnam travel want to explore and find about  ancient pagoda culture of Vietnam, you could visit Tay An pagoda, which was designed in a similar style to Indian ones, the front of the pagoda has an oval dome and its roof is in the shape of a sailboat. Nevertheless, designs inside the pagoda basically follow the style of traditional Vietnamese Buddhist pagodas. The Dai Hong Bell is of particular interest as it was made of gold and copper under the Tu Duc’s Reign and is now over 111 years old. Somehow it has even managed to keep the sound of its voice ringing clear after all these years.

Passing the nine-step stairs, visitors will enter the gate of the pagoda and standing at the temple gate, they will see the Mother Holding Child Statue. There are two large statues of elephants in the ground of the pagoda. One is a black elephant with two ivories, representing power over malice and another is a white one with six ivories, representing restful mind.

 The Western Corridor of the pagoda is very large and able to provide space for over 100 pilgrims at the same time. In front of its corridor, there are two statues of the Goddess of Mercy in white and inside the corridor are two large statues of A Di Da God. Rooms for monks are located at the back of Tay An pagoda. Pilgrims visiting the Pagoda to pray and smoke from their incense creates a solemn atmosphere. The main temple has more than 100 statues each representing the power of Buddhism; the most prominent statue is a Buddha sitting on the Lotus Tower.

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