Saturday, March 19, 2022

Using Overseas ATMs tips

 Wherever you travel in the world, cold hard cash is your most essential necessity. ATMs usually solve the traveler's dilemma of where to safely and quickly obtain local currency. Yet some travelers are running into ATMs that, like stingy uncles, refuse to give them money, usually when they try using their debit cards.

 Here are some additional tips from travel agents concerning the use of ATMs when traveling abroad:

1. Go to a bank if you have problems withdrawing cash from an ATM. Many debit cards can also function as a credit card, which will allow you to get a cash advance (though at a higher interest rate than a normal debit transaction).

2. Bring your bank's contact information when you travel, just in case your card fails to work like you expect.

3. Take a variety of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, traveler's checks and currency, to be prepared for all circumstances.

4. Always have your travel agent's contact information with you. It's good to have an ally back home you can call whenever a problem arises.

5. If your PIN number is longer than four digits, go to your bank and have it changed. Many ATM's abroad, especially in Europe, do not accept PIN numbers longer than four digits.

6. If your PIN number is based on letters, translate the letters into numbers before leaving the country. Many ATMs abroad only have numbers on their keypads.

With these tips and a little TravelSense, you should be able to freely explore the world without standing in long lines at the bank trying to access your money.

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