Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Visiting Thang Tam Communal House

 Thang Tam communal house has a unique architect and expresses the cultural characteristics of coastal fishermen, but it still remains the general characteristics of Vietnam village. Thang Tam communal house has a unique feature in both worship and cultural activities.


In 3 forerunner villages of Vung Tau, there 3 communal houses, including Spirit Communal House, Ba Ngu Hanh Temple, and Ong Nam Hai Royal Tomb. Thang Tam communal house is a special cultural feature of the sea fishermen. It has both common features of Vietnamese communal houses and particular features in culture - reserves worship activities. According to historic records, this communal house was built in Minh Mang (1882-1840). This communal house still reserves ̣2 titles conferred by the Nguyen dynasty to the spirits worshipped at the communal house.


Thang Tam Spirit communal house has Tam Quan Gate, Tien Hien House, the Hall, and Dinh Trung Throne, a performance stage for fighting art. In the house, there are a lot of offerings that are engraved tactfully and red-lacquered gloriously. Thang Tam Spirit communal house has serial architecture, consisting of a house terrace with four houses connected together by a side pathway.

Besides historical and cultural value, Thang Tam spirit communal house is also the place of many folk traditional festivals. Visiting Thang Tam spirit communal house on these occasions, visitors will have interesting memories.

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