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Vo Thi Sau Tomb


Along with other tombs in Con Dao, Vo Thi Sau Tomb is considered as one of the heroic evidences about a stout-hearted Vietnam country. Thanks to stories about her life and her divinity, it is one of the first tourist historical sites in Con Dao.

Going to Con Dao Island, tourists will have a chance to catch the system of prisons which linked to crimes in Vietnam War. Leaning themselves in front of more than 20,000 souls of revolutionaries in Hang Duong Cemetery and lighting the incense rods on Vo Thi Sau Tomb is one of most things to do in Con Dao, the historical land. Just arriving here, tourists witness the sanctity and majesty about the "house" of the national heroes. The night falling down is also the time Hang Duong Cemetery to slap on itself the colorful cloaks. The paths leading to A, B, C, and D zones in Hang Duong Cemetery are illuminated with neon lights. With the spacious and airy atmosphere, Vo Thi Sau Tomb is worth one of the most meaningful tourist attractions in Con Dao for not only people in Con Dao but also tourists at home and abroad.


Vo Thi Sau Tomb


Specially, tourists participating in Con Dao tours to Hang Duong Cemetery will have an opportunity to hear about sacred stories and visit Vo Thi Sau Tomb together at night. This has become usual routines only appearing in Hang Duong Cemetery. In total of more than 20,000 people having died in Con Dao, the management board of the cemetery found the remains of 1,921 martyrs including 713 graves with clear names and addresses. At the cemetery, the system of loudspeakers is evenly arranged with the slow voice on the profile of martyr heroes, revolutionaries, revolutionary soldiers who had fought and died in prison on Con Dao. Hang Duong Cemetery in general and Vo Thi Sau Tomb in particular have become one of the spiritual tourist Con Dao attractions alluring tourists.


Hang Duong Cemetery - home to Vo Thi Sau Tomb


Vo Thi Sau martyr heroine was born in 1933. Participating in the revolution at the age of 14, Vo Thi Sau quickly became famous fearless female reconnaissance of Dat Do, Long Dat district (Ba Ria - Vung Tau province). In 1950, she was arrested when participating in the battle to destroy the enemy at her hometown. The French imprisoned her in Chi Hoa prison - Saigon and sentenced to death. In 21 January 1952, she was taken to Con Dao to enforce the death penalty. Though only staying in Con Dao Prison in 2 days, the name, fighting will along with bright big eyes of Vo Thi Sau made the guards and soldiers extremely terrified. Furthermore, the true stories surrounding the headstone on Vo Thi Sau Tomb also significantly contribute to bring her grave to become one of the impressive discovering tourist sites in Con Dao travel.


3 headstones at Vo Thi Sau Tomb


From 11 pm to 3 am, hundreds of tourists go to Hang Duong Cemetery to visit Ms. Vo Thi Sau Tomb. Everyone lightly steps to blend into the spiritual atmosphere at the resting place of the Vietnamese revolutionaries. These images deeply left impressions to tourists in minds when arriving in Con Dao as well as the city of the heroes at night. Inside Hang Duong Cemetery, Ms. Sau Tomb is the most beautiful. This area is home to most steaming incenses and attracts the large number of people to visit. The old casuarina before the tomb of Dat Do's girl went out, yet the burning fire and incense rods also help tourists feel the moments that Vo Thi Sau went to national history. Though Ms. Sau sacrificed, her spirit and soul have been forever immortal in Vietnamese history.


Incensing before Vo Thi Sau Tomb


According to the many people living in Con Dao, the number of tourists from all over the country to Hang Duong Cemetery sharply increases on the first and fifteenth day of each month. They light the incense and pray for the souls and feel the sanctity of one of the particular historical sites in Vietnam. Holding the burning incense rods, domestic tourists express their gratitude for the sacrifices Ms. Sau and fallen heroes in order that millions of Vietnamese people feel peaceful and prosperous life today. The elderly and veterans pay back the emotions on the hardships historic days but heroic. Many people could not hold back their tears when on the tombstones are the names of former teammates.


Vo Thi Sau Tomb at Hang Duong Cemetery


Vo Thi Sau, a heroine, sacrificed at her young age. When having lived, she fearlessly fought making enemies extremely frightened. When lying down, her soul still protects civilians and blesses those who are sincere.  Besides the stories of the sacred, tourists also find it easy to see the sincere of tourists to visit the grave of Ms. Sau. It is also the special features of Hang Duong Cemetery and Vo Thi Sau Tomb of Con Dao tourism.

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