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Dalat Market


Located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Dalat Market is a commercial center of the city and considered the "heart of Dalat city". Not only is it a market with trading activities, Dalat Market is also a tourist site attracting tourists to dreaming city.

Situated right in the heart of the city, Dalat Market has long been an indispensable tourist site in Dalat tours not only with its prime location or architectural beauty, but also by characteristics of the trading activities in the market. The market and surrounding areas have created an extremely vibrant center of the city. From the unique architecture of the market to the daily activities taking place here, tourists actually get the unforgettable experiences, completely differing from other markets in Dalat in particular and markets in Vietnam in general. It is the locals and lifestyle of Dalat that create their own unique cultural features. Exploring Dalat Market is one of the most fascinating things to do in Dalat.


Dalat market at night


Built in from 1958 to 1960, Dalat Market owned the most modern architecture at that time. A special feature cannot be found in other Dalat markets is that the market is located right at the foot of the hill connecting with Hoa Binh zone through a bridge on the 2nd floor and with Xuan Huong Lake by the road leading to the ground floor. Front of the market is a traffic roundabout full of flowers. Next to the roundabout are the perrons leading to Le Dai Hanh Street and a ramp connecting Hoa Binh zone to Xuan Huong Lake. All creates Dalat Market a spectacular architectural beauty that only found in the highland city retaining numerous hills. Simultaneously, it offers Dalat Market to gradually become one of new attractive tourist attractions in Dalat alluring both domestic and international tourists.


Dalat market at night


In 1929, a market made from trees, precursor of Dalat Market as today with corrugated iron roof called "Tree Market" was founded at 3 April Cinema at current Hoa Binh zone. In 1937 after a huge fire, SIDEC Company built a new brick-made market replacing "Tree Market". In 1958, Dalat Market as today was begun construction on a swampy lands planting cresson by architect Nguyen Duy Duc. Later, architect Ngo Viet Thu participated to embellish Dalat Market (especially in changing the facade, designing concrete floating bridge, the park in front of the market and the floors surrounding the market). In 3rd April 1993, block B of Dalat Market officially started construction under the design of architect Le Van Rot and architect Tran Hung. After having completing, Dalat Market has been regarded as a symbol of the highland city and become one of the most attractive Dalat attractions strongly captivating tourists.

Dalat Market has 3 floors, which is one of the first storey markets in Vietnam. As one of the most important Dalat markets, the market is extremely diverse and rich in kinds of goods: the products of Lam Dong province (vegetable, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, strawberries...), tea, types of jam and artichokes; Dalat flowers (roses, daisies, lisianthus, lily, gladiolus, white lily...); Dalat specialties (strawberry, rose, butter, strawberry jam, strawberry juice, sweet potatoes, dried roses, wine and numerous other jams); food stalls full of delicious dishes from the North - Central - South. There are also sweaters and garments such as socks, boots, gloves or other types of conical hats and souvenir stalls. As a market among famous flower city, Dalat Market deserves one of the must-see tourist attractions tourists should experience in Dalat travel.


Dalat market


Dalat Market also offers a wide variety of specialty fruits such as persimmons, avocados, fur peaches, strawberries, mulberries... In particular, Laba bananas sold in the cage in the market are actually cheap and fresh. Dalat avocados sold a lot in the market, which is ready to meet all the needs of tourists. Tourists are also advised to go to Dalat Market early in the morning to pick the freshest fruits. Going to Dalat Market today, tourists can completely satisfy with the wide range of goods and the salubrious food stalls with the most stable price. Dalat Market is worth one of the popular tourist sites in Dalat tours. Thanks to its significance and important role, Dalat Market significantly contributes to promote Dalat tourism to numerous both domestic and international friends.

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