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Duong Dong Market


Duong Dong Market is the largest market in the pearl island and also home to purchase seafood most crowded in Phu Quoc. Owning an extremely convenient location for trading activities, Duong Dong Market is considered a seafood shopping center in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Island houses 6 large and small markets, namely Can Sau Market located across Sau Bridge, An Thoi Town, An Thoi Market situated right in the heart of An Thoi Town, Ganh Dau Market, Ham Ninh Market, Duong Dong Market and Bai Thom Market. Among them, Duong Dong Market is considered as one of the largest markets in Phu Quoc. Situated right in the center of Duong Dong Town on the banks of Duong Dong River, the market is home to take place trading activities most crowded in Phu Quoc. Goods here is extremely abundant, especially the fresh and dried seafood products. Not only is it a place to exchange goods, Duong Dong market is also one of the unique tourist attractions in Phu Quoc alluring numerous tourists.


Duong Dong Market in Phu Quoc


The boats bustlingly operate daily, Duong Dong Market looks like a port located in the center of Phu Quoc. The market is held early; the cargo ships and boats alternately land and leave the dock full of all kinds of goods, mostly still seafood making the crowded atmosphere. Fresh seafood newly caught and dry seafood are extremely diversified including eel, mackerel, barracuda, squid, shellfish and crab... All are still fresh and the price is also reasonable. Go to Duong Dong Market, tourists will easily find themselves the freshest seafood, far differing from the frozen seafood on the mainland. In particular, discovering Duong Dong Market is also one of the interesting things to do in Phu Quoc.


Duong Dong Market in Phu Quoc


Setting foot on Duong Dong Market, tourists can also purchase items in the family as well as the purchase of raw materials to cook food with fresh seafood. Furthermore, Duong Dong Market is a fascinating rendezvous for tourists when participating in Phu Quoc tourism. Here, tourists can comfortably buy the souvenirs sold in two roadsides on the market or take dried seafood such as dried fishes, dried squids..., Phu Quoc fish sauce as their gifts. Tourists also have a chance to enjoy the folk indigenous dishes of the locals in the island district such as fried noodles, fried rice porridge, noodle soup... This will definitely be one of the unforgettable experiences in the journey of exploring Phu Quoc travel to tourists.


Loads of shoes in Duong Dong Market - Phu Quoc


Duong Dong Market Phu Quoc is always busy and crowded with the sellers and buyers as well as tourists going shopping here. Divided into two zones like many other prevalent Phu Quoc markets, Duong Dong Market is the convergence of all commodities serving the shopping demands of the locals and tourists when taking part in Phu Quoc tours. For those who would like to contemplate and purchase dried products, the "cage house" is venue to go. Inside the cage house, tourists can find all kinds of commodities from the common living things of daily life to souvenirs characterizing the coastal and lots of seafood specialties such as dried shrimps or dried fishes enough types. Opposite of the dry pavilion is 2 booths selling "fresh products" which are turned back into the sea to facilitate the freight of goods and seafood. Seafood is moved up the market from the bustling fishing boats docking. It is actually the world of fish from the tiny to the "giant" fishes on a platter covered with white stone. They are eel, mackerel, barracuda, cobia, squid and a wide range of shellfish...


Duong Dong Market in Phu Quoc


Not only is it one of the shopping and tourist Phu Quoc attractions, Duong Dong Market has retained numerous shops serving delicious dishes in Phu Quoc cuisine. It would not be hard for tourists to find a small echinus porridge shop, a cylindric glutinous rice cake with honey hawker or an extremely delicious grilled crabs and grilled fish on the way exploring the market... Phu Quoc grilled fish is unique specialty with it raw materials from mackerel and barracuda and fried on the spot. In the boiling oil pans, grilled fish pieces about 2 inches in diameter gradually become cooked with eye-catching shapes and colors. These homely things certainly attract tourists to explore Phu Quoc specialties in particular and Phu Quoc tourism in general.

Fresh seafood newly caught was immediately transferred to the port, Duong Dong Market is thus famous for fresh seafood rich in species and easy to choice with extremely affordable prices. Tourists often take some dried seafood in the market as the gifts for their loved one before leaving the island to the mainland. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Duong Dong Market is not only one of the most unique tourist sites in Phu Quoc but also significantly contributes to bring Phu Quoc tourism closer to domestic and international tourists.

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