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Lang Biang Mountain


Thanks to its wonderful landscapes, Lang Biang Mountain not only is an impressive tourist attraction but also hides legends about a passionate love. Tourists will surely enjoy unforgettable experiences when setting foot on this wonderful land.

Located about 12km from Dalat center to the north in Lac Duong District, Lang Biang Mountain majestically appears as a miraculous evidence of the nature. Thanks to the height of 2169 m above sea level, Lang Biang Mountain is ranked as a national-level landscape. It has long been considered a symbol of Dalat city. Lang Biang Mountain hides itself the legend of a passionate love beyond the feudal rites. It is also referred as the "roof" of Lam Vien Plateau, the roof of Dalat, which is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the feeling that can be found nowhere. It is a rendezvous of the large number of tourists who would like to longingly conquer, explore the unexpected and fulfill their adventure. Discovering Lang Biang Mountain is one of the most wonderful things to do in Dalat.


Road to Lang Biang - Dalat


Most of landscapes and tourist attractions in Dalat are tied to legends. The legend of Lang Biang Mountain has long become "the place could not fail to come" of numerous tourists when arriving in the plateau region. The attractiveness and the mystery of Lang Biang always bring much surprising and enjoyable for tourists. The foot of the mountain is home to ethnic minorities such as Lach, K'Ho... Those who love traditional cultural features or medicine researchers can go to Lang Biang to learn. In particular, on the way up the mountain, tourists can catch numerous kinds of wildflowers such as hibiscus, wild roses..., especially Mimosa flowers. Lang Biang Mountain has long been regarded as one of the most appealing Dalat attractions.


Lang Biang mountain in Dalat


The mountain retains 2 peaks, which are also known as Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain. On beautiful sunny days, from Xuan Huong Lake tourists can contemplate two mountains standing side by side as cherishing each other. The mountain is associated with the legend of the soulful love story of a couple.  According to old people, there used to be a love story of K'Lang (a boy of Lat minority people) and Ho-Biang (a daughter of patriarchy of Chil ethnic people). Due to different tribes, Biang did not marry Lang, so they had to choose the death to entirely keep their affection and oppose the draconian customary law. After the death of K'Lang and Ho-Biang, the father of Biang realized what he did before was wrong, so he united all the hill tribes of Lat, Chil, Sre... to become one hill tribe, namely K'ho. The boys and girls of the hill tribes had got married with each other since then. The tombs of Lang and Biang then turned into two mountains standing with each other, so the locals gave the name Lang Biang for the mountain. This legend is one of the attractive features turning Lang Biang Mountain into an appealing attraction in Dalat alluring tourists.


Looking down Dalat city from Lang Biang Mount


Lang Biang is considered a specific tourist site with tourism forms of picnic exploring the nature and ascertain about the culture of the locals here. Entire Lang Biang hills are covered with thick tall evergreen grass in the rainy season. The valley here is home to many types of flora and fauna. In particular, the foot of Lang Biang Mountain is a tourist area with beautiful rustic architecture and full amenities for the leisure of tourists. In particular, halfway up the mountain is a large valley, where successfully hosts the 100 year Dalat formation and development festival. Therefore, it is called the Hundred-year Valley, which is designed as an eco-tourism and entertainment tourist area. Tourists participating in Dalat tourism should one set foot on this wonderful tourist spot.


View from Lang Biang Mount - Dalat


Here, tourists can take part in the Dalat Gongs Tour program in order to have a chance to join in camp fire, drink "can" wine (a kind of delicious traditional wine of ethnic groups) with ethnic people and hear their stories about the culture of their own minority. Lang Biang is also the rendezvous for those who love exciting adventurous activities with climbing journey and peak conquering. This is also one of the impressive features in Dalat tours exploring Lang Biang Mountain. From the top of Lang Biang, tourists can comfortably explore the villages at the foot of the mountain, discover the life of the locals here by going down along the trail and small springs to enter these villages. On top of the mountain, the K'lang and Biang couple stand together seemly to prove the existence of eternal faithful love. Tourists setting foot on here will love the legendary mountain more.


Lang Biang mountain in Dalat


From atop the mountain, tourists have a chance to admire Vang (Golden) Spring, Silver Springs and Dalat panorama with the mist waving in front. Tourists will actually get unforgettable experiences once conquering Lang Biang Mountain. Thanks to its magnificent beauty and soulful legends, Lang Biang Mountain deserves one of the most enchanting tourist sites in Dalat travel.

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