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Long Son Pagoda


Thanks to its beautiful location and breathtaking natural landscape, Long Son Pagoda has been one of the most appealing tourist spots in Nha Trang attracting numerous tourists. The pagoda is gradually becoming a symbol of the beauty of this poetic city.

Right at the foot of Trai Thuy Hill, Long Son Pagoda is situated at No.20 23/10 street, Phuong Son ward, Nha Trang city. Panoramically, Long Son Pagoda retains a prime location and extremely convenient for tourists. The pagoda was built on an elevated and airy area with evergreen trees beside roads and crowded streets but has maintained its solemnness, stillness. The building blocks used as institutes, offices combining with massive temple form a complete structure hiding under amazing huge Bodhi trees and surrounding ornamental plants. Visiting Long Son Pagoda is one of the most indispensable things to do in Nha Trang.


Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang


Built in 1963, the pagoda is also known as White Buddhist Pagoda or Dang Long Tu. This is a favorite sightseeing and pilgrimage destination of the locals as well as international tourists when participating in Nha Trang tours. In particular, the reason why Dang Long Tu has become one of the most famous pagodas in Nha Trang city is its long-lasting history with the statue of Buddha sitting atop the mountain. This statue was brought the pagoda into Vietnam record list: "the pagoda retains Vietnam's largest outdoor Buddha statue". Tourists to Nha Trang travel certainly cannot miss this attraction. Going to Long Son Pagoda, tourists will feel spectacular beauty and extremely peaceful atmosphere of the unique pagoda.


Buddha statue at the Long Son Pagoda


As one of the most famous Nha Trang pagodas, the campus of the Long Son Pagoda owns the width of 44.5 m and over 72 meters long. The pagoda is beautiful right from the entrance thanks for the stone columns and reliefs at the chancel. Surrounding the pagoda is lush gardens in combination with solid mountains behind creating lively and harmonious scenery. The fairly large campus situated inside the garden creates the cool and fresh atmosphere. The roof of the pagoda is designed under the architecture of traditional Vietnamese pagodas with numerous delicate and beautiful details. The main hall is airy and large up to 1.670m2, which is enough for hundreds of Buddhists and pilgrims to worship. Especially, the pagoda is home to a bronze statue of Buddha sitting in lecture with 1.6m tall and weighing 700kg. This is one of unique highlights of Long Son Pagoda attracting tourists to take part in Nha Trang tour.


Architecture in Long Son Pagoda


Beside the patios of the pagoda is nearly 200 stairs leading up Trai Thuy Mountain for pilgrims to go sightseeing and worship the sacred pagoda midst the bustling Nha Trang city. Setting foot on the 44th stair, tourists will have a chance to admire the gorgeous marble statues of Buddha into nirvana. Behind the statue is a large bas-relief depicting 49 disciples of Buddha. This beautiful statue has attracted a large number of people to worship daily. Keep walking up the stairs; tourists can admire a bell up to 5.5m high donated by Buddhists in Hue in 2002. The unique architectural works contributes to promote Long Son Pagoda to become one of the fascinating Nha Trang attractions.


Architecture in Long Son Pagoda


Especially, setting foot on Trai Thuy hilltop, tourists definitely feel serenity and peace when contemplating solemn Buddha statue appearing in the blue sky, white cloud and an immense space. The 21m high statue and 7m high lotus throne below were built in 1963 by the contributions of Buddhists in the region as well as the surrounding areas. The beautiful and solemn statue has beautified the noble and elegant beauty for the pagoda. From the pagoda overlooking the surrounding landscapes, tourists will take a panoramic view of beautiful Nha Trang city. This will definitely be one of the unforgettable experiences in the journey of exploring Nha Trang travel to tourists.


Sleeping Buddha feet at the Long Son Pagoda


Long Son Pagoda is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in Nha Trang attracting numerous both domestic and international tourists. The pagoda is extremely tranquil and full of sacred. Here, tourists will certainly feel the peace and purity, which separates from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. Long Son Pagoda thus significantly contributes to bring Nha Trang tourism closer to tourists.

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