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Saigon Skydeck


Located on 49th floor of Bitexco Financial Tower, Saigon Skydeck is one of the most ideal place to admire panoramic view of Saigon City from above. The professional services from Skydeck will certainly be good impressions tourists will never forget.

Situated on the 49th floor of Bitexco Financial Tower, Saigon Skydeck is now the first observatory in Vietnam at an altitude of 178 m. It is the ideal venue to enjoy the best panoramic view of Saigon City from above and closely observe the famous sights in the city through a telescope and a touch screen system fitted at the observatory. With a full range of services and facilities for the tourists, Saigon Skydeck observatory has been officially opened widely to welcome tourists at home and abroad since July 2011. Tourists once setting foot on Saigon Skydeck not only enjoy the panorama across the city and the entire winding Saigon River but also comfortably use the facilities and excellent services right at the observatory. It is one of the new tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City alluring both domestic and international tourists.


Saigon Skydeck at night


Located at No.45 Ngo Duc Ke Street, Ben Nghe ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Bitexco Financial Tower's design symbolizes vitality and inspiration of Vietnamese people as well as an innovative and dynamic Vietnam.  Inspired by the shape of a blooming lotus, Bitexco Tower is a typical example for innovation and outstanding design. Positioning the trend of the commercial development in Vietnam, the 262 meter tower consists of Icon68 commercial area, Grade A+ office buildings, dining area and a luxury restaurant. With numerous activities extremely professionally organized, the observatory in the tower will be an indispensable tourist site in the journey of exploring Ho Chi Minh City travel.


Saigon Skydeck on Bitexco Financial Tower


As one of the most impressive Ho Chi Minh City attractions, Saigon Skydeck also retains a souvenir area strongly alluring tourists' attention. The items on display at the souvenir area have been designed with own unique features of the building that tourists can only find here. The products here are towards the long-lasting traditional values of Vietnamese people, for instance, the cup of tea made from famous Bat Trang ceramic, tea and coffee products originating from Thai Nguyen, Son La... Through items for sale, Saigon Skydeck proudly introduces tourists a unique culture in Vietnam. Discovering Saigon Skydeck is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.


Saigon Skydeck - On the top floor


Thanks to using lift system and fastest in South East Asia with its speed of 7 m/s, it only takes 35 seconds for tourists to move from the ground floor to the Observatory. Here, tourists will have a chance to admire the spectacular beauty of the landscapes in Ho Chi Minh City from the above. Surrounded 4 sides by glass and designed in arc shape, the building is always full of the natural light making tourists the feeling of stepping in a crystal sphere. Saigon Skydeck is equipped with 6 long-range binoculars with its capability of rotating 360 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees spinning up and down. The system ensures tourists to be able to clearly contemplate the most detailed street scenes below that at the height of the observatory, tourists could not see with the their eyes. This will certainly be unforgettable experiences when tourists participate in Ho Chi Minh City travel to this wonderful site.


Ho Chi Minh City viewed from Saigon Skydeck


In addition, Saigon Skydeck also arranges 6 smart touch information screens along the glass wall of the observatory. On each of screen is the image corresponding to the outside scenery. When tourists activate the screen, it will display detailed information about the location, scenic spots or historical relics right at the position they are standing. Visiting Saigon Skydeck observatory in Saigon tours, tourists not only feel the excitement when admiring the panoramic view of the city from above but also experience comfortable and pleasant feelings with a professional customer services of staffs on the observatory as well as enjoy the services and facilities offered free of charge here.


Saigon Skydeck at night


Tourists setting foot on the tower will certainly overwhelmed by natural light through the glass from the office area to commercial area. In addition, the unique design of the observatory helps tourists have the opportunity to enjoy magnificent landscapes nowhere else can be found. Skydeck deserves the most wonderful place for tourists to contemplate panoramic view of the city, which gives a peak sensory. It thus significantly contributes to bring Ho Chi Minh City tourism closer to tourists.

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