Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Top 5 European Road Trips

 Many people have heard of the “Great American Road Trip,” but not many have heard of the popular drives that span along the expanse of Europe – and this is where Carcraft can help.

Boasting a great array of countries, a multitude of sceneries, and many different amazing views, Europe has something to offer every adventurer. Here are the top 5 road trips, sure to offer a sampling of great European scenery, culture, food, and, of course, the classic road trip experience along the way.

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Rated by National Geographic as one of the top must-see road trips, the Costiera Amalfitana, or Amalfi Coast, is Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline, and any driver’s dream with towering bluffs, quaint villages peppering the trail, and turquoise waters expanding on as far as the eye can see. Start in Salerno and continue to 500 meters above sea level as you wind your way through the towering peaks towards the town of Positano.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – Photo credit

2. The Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Daring bikers love this thrilling ride, which makes its way through Cartisoara’s grasslands and into the snowy Fagaras mountains. The 887-meter tunnel is not for the faint of heart, but adrenaline junkies will be rewarded at the end by stunning views of lakes, waterfalls, and the legendary Peonari Citadel ruins, the castle of Vlad III the Impaler.

3. The Flower Route, Netherlands

The Flower Route starts in Haarlem and runs approximately 25 miles south to Leiden, and tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, and daffodils greet wayward travelers who stop along the roads by the hundreds to enjoy picnics, take photos, or simply enjoy the scenery and a breath of fresh air. The flowers are at their best in April and May, when the bright, alternative strips of blooming flowers create a one-of-a-kind visual effect.

The Flower Route

Amalfi Coast – Photo credit

4. The Basque Circuit, Spain and France

This 300-mile route leads through Bilboa through the mountain pass to Vitoria-Gasteiz, where breathtaking panoramic foothill views lead travelers to the sea of Biarritz. Along the way, stop through quaint fishing villages in Getaria, Zumaya, or Bermeo, see the cathedral at Vitoria-Gasteiz, and soak up the sun and seafood at the famous beaches at San Sebastian.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian – Photo credits

5. The Alpine Road, Germany

This fairy-tale like tour along the Alps is a majestic trek that winds its way through Southern Bavaria. Along the 450-kilometer route, drivers are treated to views of 25 castles, palaces, and abbeys, 21 mountain lakes, over 60 spa resorts, and several hundred breathtaking mountain peaks.

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