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TOP 5 Best Summer Holiday Ideas For The Family

 Traveling has a unique way of freeing the soul, bringing out parts of your personality repressed for years. Whether traveling alone or with your family, it’s crucial to appreciate this experience; you never know when you might get the chance again. 

The pandemic has shown us how quickly life can change and how activities like these can be stripped away. With that said, let’s not look at the negatives; now that we’re allowed to travel with vaccination records, let’s talk about where to go.

This article will solely be talking about family-friendly destinations that you can visit. Therefore, don’t expect to see wild places like Vegas or certain cities with ‘special beaches’ in Europe. 

This is a list of five places you can ponder over for the best summer holiday with the family. 

1. The Smokey Mountains, TN

One of the first few things that come to mind when we mention Tennessee is Dollywood and the Grand Ol’ Opry. Tennessee is also known for its rich culture of classic and country music and, of course, the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Gatlinburg is a town in eastern Tenessee and a gateway to the mysterious Smokey Mountains that we have come to know so well. 

When planning a trip to the Great Smokies, you need to find a place to stay because you’ll need 2-3 days to take in the area and enjoy yourself. Fortunately, finding accommodation is easy in Gatlinburg. 

All you need to do is type in cabin in Gatlinburg rentals to find reasonable, spacious, and safe accommodation for you and your family to stay. 

Not only are they spacious and highly luxurious, but they also have all the amenities that you may want during your stay. Imagine waking up, opening the curtains, and seeing the lush green mountains staring back at you.

2. Tokyo, Japan

After the recent Olympics, it would be a great idea to travel to Japan. Your kids might enjoy the chance to be so close to the anime they love. This is an opportunity to teach them a thing or two about new cultures and how they need to be respected. 

Moreover, enjoy some of the world-famous cuisines that the Japanese are known for. Ramen and Sushi are just some of the well-known options. While in Japan, don’t forget to check out Japanese street food and try less popular dishes. 

If you get tired of the city, plan a day trip to Mount Fuji. It might take you a couple of hours if you drive, but the train could get you there sooner. It’s essential to see some of these world-famous sites when visiting a country. There’s a certain charm in seeing these places on TV and then claiming that you’ve been there.

There’s the famous bullet train to check out as well. You can take short journeys to witness the speed and precision of the Japanese rail network. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a must-see as well. Built to commemorate the victims of the world’s first nuclear catastrophe, this park attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe.  

If you want to unwind and seek peace from Japan’s busy lifestyle, Temple City, Nara is a must-visit. The Unspoiled city of Nara is the hub of Japanese culture. The colossal bronze statue of Buddha was cast here in 749 AD. 

3. London, UK

London is a bit expensive, especially after Brexit, but still one of the most famous cities globally that needs no introduction; London is a must-see for anyone traveling alone or with their family. It is a city with a rich cultural history and modern infrastructure to accommodate tourists and the locals. 

London also happens to be a center for the biggest brands in the world. Many celebrities come to London just for shopping, which means you too can probably get a fair deal of shopping done if you’re in the mood. 

Moreover, if you’re not a fan of the summers, good news because it’s almost always raining in London.

While in London, make sure you check out some of the historical sites around the city. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and most of the city are dripping with history and British culture. It would be a shame if you didn’t experience it while you were there. 

4. Cape Town, South Africa

Even though South Africa dealt with its fair share of political instability, it’s one of the hottest tourist attractions globally, and Cape Town is one of the most modern cities in the world. 

One of the best ways to make your trip to South Africa memorable is by booking a safari tour. A trip to Savannah is a great way to see the country and experience the rawness of nature. Seeing wild animals like lions, elephants, and wildebeests up close and personal is a humbling yet memorable experience. 

Cape Town can be an excellent experience for you and your family to remember. A trip to the Serengeti is also a perfect opportunity to teach your children about wildlife and how important it is to give them the respect they deserve. 

In addition to the wildlife, there are many activities for people of all ages in Cape Town. Consider taking the Cape Town Sightseeing Tour, which takes you along beautiful botanical gardens, the Table Mountain, and the Cape Winelands if you’re there with family. 

5. New York, NY

We started this list with an American destination, and we’ll be ending it the same way. Nothing screams Family Holiday like a trip to New York. Much like London, it’s one of the most evident business capitals of the world. 

Manhattan in the winter is a sight to see, but you may want to give it a second thought during the summers. Experiencing the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan is a charm of its own. Take a walk through Central Park and enjoy the massive green space in the heart of an urban jungle. 

Check out Times Square and some other popular places in the city. Grand Central Station, The Theatre District, and The Statue of Liberty are some places that should be on your itinerary. 

If you have the time in NY, consider a day trip to the famous Niagara Falls at the border with Canada to see perhaps the most famous waterfall in the world. It is a sight to behold. 


There we have some of the best places to visit this summer. A trip to any of these places would surely give you a lifetime of memories to look back on. You can also go to these places to enjoy your time with the family and bridge whatever gaps may have existed. 

If you’re a couple, going for a holiday to any of the places we’ve mentioned above would be a fantastic idea. There are lots of spots where you can make moments that’ll last a lifetime. 

The perfect location is right around the corner this summer if you consider some of the options we just mentioned. We hope that this article helped you in some way and that you find the perfect location for your family vacation this summer. 

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