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Top Five Reasons to Visit China

 China is one of the most enchanting places to travel in the world. It is one of the largest countries in the world and therefore, it is a little frustrating to see every nook and corner of China in the first trip. There are plenty of things to see in China. The collection of beautiful landscapes, unique cultural experiences and the charm all around makes China a fascinating travel destination.

China is an extraordinary and vast country. It has a rich history and elegant architecture. The developing cities of China are a proof of its refined and beautiful architecture. In this article, we will discuss about the top 5 reasons to visit China.

1. To visit the Great Wall of China and to enjoy hiking:

 The topmost reason of visiting China is to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China. It would be an emotional, extraordinary and incredible adventure to visit this unbelievable piece of architecture. If you are fond of hiking, then you would love to take the splendid hiking adventure to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is divided in three sections which ensure a delightful and satisfying hike for friends, families and hiking aficionados.

The beautiful and magnificent Great Wall of China stretches over almost 4000 miles. The construction of this wonder started over more than 2000 years ago. It was originally built to prevent Mongol tribes from invading China. Plenty of lives have been lost in building this magnificent Wall which is now a pride of China. It is the greatest man-made monument that has been ever built. It is incredible that the Great Wall of China can be even seen from the space.

After hiking through the Great Wall of China, you can move southwards where you would find the spectacular Yellow Mountains. You can further move down to Lijiang where you can hike Tiger Leaping Gorge which is known to be one of the most excellent hikes in the world.

For hiking aficionados, enjoying a hike through the Great Wall of China would be one of the best hiking experiences ever.

2. To pamper your taste buds

 If you want to pamper your taste buds, China is the ideal travel destination for you. The Chinese cuisine would surely satiate your appetite. You must be familiar with the Chinese food that is available in your home country but when you visit China, be ready for some excellent and extraordinary food. Some of the distinct flavors that you would get in China are spicy Sichuan food, Shanghainese soup dumplings, lamb and naan bread from Xinjiang and Beijing duck.

Shanghai, Xian, Beijing has their exclusive, delicious cuisine which you would surely love to try. The culinary picture of China is indeed very exciting. The master chefs of China have blended some old recipes and techniques with contemporary flavors. Every city that you visit in China will provide you with the opportunity for gastronomic exploration.

There is plenty of variety in the food that you would get in China. Whether you eat the street food or have lunch at a local restaurant, your taste buds will always be satiated. You can visit the Hunan province for the famous Szechuan pepper and the other spicy and hot dishes that it is famous for. Another good thing about the Chinese cuisine is that it is not too expensive. So you can try many new and exotic dishes, without worrying too much about your budget.

3. To visit the Forbidden City of Beijing

 The amount of splendor that you can find in the Forbidden City of Beijing is very rare to find in any other cities in the world. Beijing’s Forbidden City is also known as Gu Gong in Chinese. It was the royal palace during the Qing and Ming dynasties. Now it is called the Palace Museum. Palace Museum is one of the largest collections of conserved old wooden structures in the world. Apart from seeing the traditional architecture in the Palace Museum, you can also see the beautiful collection of the priceless treasures from the royal family. This is definitely one of the top 5 reasons to visit China.

Beijing, China

4. To enjoy the vast and varied landscapes of China

 The diverse landscape of China has something or the other for every tourist. Whether you love the old charm of villages or the hustle bustle of cities, cruising rivers, hiking the mountains or trekking through forests, China has everything for you.

The rural plains that you can find in the southern province of China are a welcome change to the sprawling and wonderful cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

If you love adventure, China has plenty of adventure seeking opportunities for you. You can find plenty of mountain ranges in Western China such as Mian Shan, Enmei Shan and Wudang Shan. You can take a two-day cruise down the beautiful Yangtze River

5. To visit the beautiful city of Shanghai

 Shanghai is the largest city of China. It is the economic and the culinary capital of China. The food that you can get in Shanghai will surely make your taste buds happy. Apart from the food, visitors also love Shanghai for its fascinating history and the innovative architecture of the city. It is located on the Yangtze River delta and the city looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Apart from these 5 top reasons, there are countless other reasons to visit China. The culture of China is totally different from the culture of your country and this is what makes a trip to China so exceptionally adventurous. You would have a great time walking though places that sheltered ancient emperors in the Forbidden City of Beijing. You would also have a great adventure putting up a tent on the Great Wall of China and standing with the Terracotta Warriors in the city of Xian. Another good thing about travelling in China is that the public transportation is quite cheap. However you may face some problems with the language as the local people rarely speak in English. But if you take the challenge on a good spirit, you would surely be enthralled by the magnificent places and landscapes of China.

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