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Top Five Reasons to Visit Venice

 Venice is a popular and wonderful tourist destination in the world. Plenty of travel enthusiasts visit Venice every year because of numerous reasons. There are many must-see attractions in Venice which can mesmerize people.

 Venice is a great place to go for a romantic vacation or to travel with your best friends. You may be having some misconceptions about the city of Venice. You may think that Venice is a congested cruise ship destination and a city of sorts. However after visiting Venice, you would be enthralled by the charm and passion of the city.

If you cross the Grand Canal in Venice and walk lazily through the Dorsoduoro and the San Polo neighborhoods, you would be able to see the real Venice.  The stress free, slow, Venetian lifestyle would entrance you completely and you would fall in love with Venice. There are countless reasons for visiting Venice but in this article, we will talk about the top 5 reasons to visit Venice. The authentic beauty of the city lies in its intricate alleys, bridges, canals and its elegant architecture.

 1. To be amazed by every canal and gondola that you would encounter:

 This is the first reason to visit Venice. The beautiful city of Venice is a romantic destination in Italy. The intricate network of canals and the gondolas that you can spot, makes Venice one of the most romantic cities in the world. The canals, bridges and houses create a unique ambiance which is enjoyed by the tourists. Newlyweds often come to Venice for their honeymoon as the city provides the perfect ambiance for love and togetherness. You can watch the sundown over the beautiful city of Venice and you would find yourself falling in love with Venice, then and there.

Every bridge that would cross in Venice would fill you up with wonder. The magical atmosphere would charm you totally and you can take plenty of pictures there with your beloved or friends.

You can take the Grand Canal tour to get around Venice. A ride on a water bus of Venice is a fun method of transport. Alternatively, you can take a vaporetto to take the Grand Canal tour. You can enjoy the beautiful sights along the way and wonder about the significance of the marvelous buildings.

If you love picnics, then you can enjoy a picnic with your friends on the banks of the beautiful Grand Canal. You can buy fine cheese, cured meat, Veneto wines and savory spreads from the neighboring markets to enjoy this joyful picnic.

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2. To get mesmerized by the architecture of Venice:

 The architecture of Venice is very unique and incomparable because it is a blend of Byzantine style and Gothic and Renaissance. The tourists are often surprised to see that the entire city was built on stilts. San Marco Basilica and Palazzo Ducale are some of the buildings that speak about the rich architecture of Venice.

The St. Mark’s Basilica is a beautiful church in Venice. It looks beautiful because of the marble pillars of various colors and the large onion domes. The mosaics in floor to ceiling look so wonderful that it is bound to captivate you. Within the basilica, there are three small museums which you would surely love to visit.

The narrow alleys and streets of Venice also speak a lot about its break-taking architecture. You can just get lost in the intricate maze of the alleys and streets of Venice and try to find your way without using a map. It is really fun to get lost in this beautiful city. You would enjoy yourself by wandering in these narrow alleys and empty streets.

Bridge in Venice

3. To visit the St. Mark’s place at night, when it is empty:

 The St. Mark square is crowded throughout the day but you must catch a glimpse of it past midnight, when it is empty. You would be able to soak in the ethereal beauty of Venice and fall in love with this magical city. To be able to do this, you have to spend at least one night in the city. The royal ambiance of the St. Mark’s place will fill you up with amazement.
Saint Marks Square - Venice,Ital

4. To visit the Murano Glass:

 Murano Island is a great place to visit if you are going to Venice. It is popular for its glass art and glassware. Nowadays, the glass makers of Murano Island have shifted to Venice. They create colorful, dazzling and intricate jewellery, glass art pieces and glass utensils. To see the glass making, many tourists visit Venice. Seeing someone performing glass sculpture is entertaining and wonderful. Murano is the closest island in the Venice lagoon and you can easily visit this wonderful place where you will be thrilled to watch a glass sculpture demonstration

You can catch a vaporetto or book a boat to Murano. You can walk on the streets and spot plenty of glass blowing studios once you reach Murano. It will definitely be a thrilling and enriching experience for you.

Murano glass

5. To attend the happening Venice carnival:

 If you love to attend events, parties and social gatherings, you would definitely be delighted by the Venice carnival. The happening Venice carnival takes place during February. Plenty of tourists come to Venice to attend this rocking carnival. If you want to go on a trip with your friends, think of visiting Venice in the month of February.

The carnival continues for two weeks. A number of costume balls, parades, ceremonies, masquerades and festivities can be found in the city during this time. Tourists love to visit Venice during this time so that they can participate in the carnival and enjoy the Venetian culture wonderfully.

These are the top 5 reasons to visit the romantic, beautiful and magical city of Venice. Apart from these reasons, the Doge’s palace, the Burano Island, the Torcello Island and the Rialto Market are also some great places to visit in Venice. The cuisine of Venice will also be able to make you happy. Venice is a place which you would love to explore. Every day, you will be surprised to find something new about this city. This city is an ideal destination to visit with your partner or your gang of friends.

Venice Carnival

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