Thursday, April 7, 2022

Top Spots on the What’s Hot List

 Looking for a holiday resort that can give you plenty of sun, a beautiful beach, bundles of history and a good spot of nightlife can throw up a pretty interesting list. You’ll find that holidays in Turkey 2022 would make the grade, due to its fascinating culture, stunning scenery and fabulous holiday vibe.

Turkey is an amazing place with historic landmarks dating back to before 6000BC. The heritage is fascinating with a cultural mix being the ‘bridge between East and West’. If history and culture is not really what you fancy, don’t lose heart. Turkey has some of the best beaches around and many small islands and coves for those who want to explore a little. 

The water is beautifully clear and the base point of many of the sporting activities. For those that really do want to stay on the beach, you will be spoilt by the glorious sunshine and the steady, dry heat that Turkey is famous for, perfect for tanning. If you are looking for another great tanning spot to rival Turkey then come highly recommended.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and has earned widespread praise for its inviting hospitality and its warming atmosphere. During the day you can lie back and bathe under the scorching sun either by the hotel pool or on one of the spotless beaches, soaking up the lively ambience and relaxing with the latest bestseller. Come sundown you can venture into any one of a number of local restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes, before heading onto the cabaret clubs or walking off the evening’s indulgence under the stars.

Tenerife has everything to offer for families or singles, beach dwellers or activity bods. Regardless of your preferences, Tenerife and Turkey are both destinations worthy of a top spot on the what’s hot list.

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