Monday, May 9, 2022

5 Ways to Save for, Fund Your Travels around the World

 Allot a portion of your bonuses, incentives, and commissions to your travel fund. The same goes for unexpected money, like winning in the lottery or getting an inheritance from a distant relative. It can be tempting, but refrain from spending your windfall on an extravagant vacation and the finer things in life.  Many people have lost their entire fortune that way.

You can still grow the money and use the proceeds to fund your future vacations. If you are dealing with a sizable sum, consult with a lawyer, a tax advisor, or a financial planner. 

Save Money during Your Vacation

Consider this as the sixth and last tip. While getaways are about relaxation and leisure, they don’t mean emptying your wallet. This is where research and knowledge about the place come into play.

  • Look up flights and hotel rates months in advance. There’s conflicting anecdotal evidence on whether booking for flights is cheaper when browsing in private mode. But airfare will certainly cost you more when it’s near your departure date. 
  • Are you big on breakfast? Check which hotels offer them for free. If not, prepare to pay extra or shop at a supermarket. 
  • Avoid tourist traps. Taxi fares are expensive anywhere, so walk or use public transport whenever you can. Ask where the locals dine to sample authentic food. Shop with a list when buying souvenirs, ideally, far from touristy spots.   

What budget-friendly travel tips do you swear by? Share them here. 

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