Wednesday, June 8, 2022

We Found the Best Food on Maui

 From crispy manju to savory poke bowls, Maui Island is a foodie’s paradise. Locals know where to eat and find the best food on Maui, but do you? Get into the aloha spirit with our picks for six of the greatest dishes on Maui!

The Best Food on Maui

Banana Bread

The best banana bread on the planet is on Maui! Banana trees are everywhere on the island, and ripe bananas have to go somewhere. Most of the banana bread on Maui is made from 100% local ingredients. Plus, Hawaiian banana bread is special; locals frequently dress up their recipes with tropical ingredients such as pineapple, macadamias, and more. Pair banana bread with refreshing coconut water and you are in paradise!

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Poke Bowls

Hawaiian poke is a staple on Maui. You will find many types of poke on the island, but ahi poke remains a local favorite! These delicious (and filling) bowls are typically made with savory yellowfin tuna, garden-fresh avocado, and flavorful chopped chiles. After a long day of surfing or lounging at the beach, there is no better way to refuel than with a delectable ahi poke bowl!

Hawaiian Plate Lunch

The Hawaiian plate lunch is arguably Hawaii’s most famous and savory dish. It’s usually a combination of creamy macaroni salad, steamed white rice, and your choice of meat, vegetables, or fish. There are so many options when it comes to creating the perfect plate lunch. Teriyaki beef, barbeque chicken, and pork cutlets are popular choices, but the possibilities are endless.

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Crispy Manju

The pastries on Maui are amazing! Popular sweet treats include irresistible mochi donuts and deep-fried malasadas. However, crispy and delectable manju is a must-try! This delightfully flaky, buttery, and delicate pastry is a local favorite. 

You’ll typically find manju baked luscious and mouth-watering fruit fillings. If you are craving nutty coconut, sweet pineapple, or even chocolate, you must take advantage of the manju opportunities found on Maui!

Fresh Fruit

Maui’s mild and amiable climate is ideal for a year-round growing season. That means you are guaranteed to find fresh and local produce no matter when you visit! Mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, and berries are just a few of the delectable fruits that you will enjoy on Maui. After a long day of exploring the island, get your daily dose of vitamin sea with a refreshing tropical smoothie.

Bodacious Burgers

The burgers on Maui are only limited by your imagination! Whether you are craving a Hawaiian-style beef burger or a savory Kahua Ranch lamb burger, Maui has it all. Elk burgers are also a special treat on the island. Did you know that elk is one of the rare red meats that is actually lean? If you haven’t tried a traditional Maui elk burger, you are missing out!

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