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www.bestofwhere.com brings to you news, information on travel and tourism. You will find here useful inforrmation on destinations, hot-spots, favorable locations, exciting spaces, and the trendy check-in points. Not only that, but we also bring to you knowledge on different cultures, people in places around the world.  We also provide advice and experience with the aim to help your trips more complete and you really enjoy each moment of the journey.

We believe that going out and learning more about the outside world not only help people have true relax time but also help open knowledge and vision, bring people and cultures anywhere closer together. The gap is meaningless.

So we will be your accompany, a guide for you and together with you entering the journey to explore the wider world. We are also passionate like you. Our world is so gigantic and contains a myriad of mysteries that waiting for you to exploring. A large Asia with diverse culture, cuisine, and tropical beaches and nature. That is an old continent of ancient Europe, a cradle of human invention and not lacking people's heart charming landscapes. America will make people admire its magnificent, along with mysterious ancients stories. Talking to Africa is talking to tribal cultures and vast land areas, while Oceania makes people think of ocean countries, lush beautiful sceneries.

We can say about the world in one day, two days,... but long and longer. Now, it is time to begin the journey of entering the world in your own way.

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